The benefit of Strontium for bones

Strontium is one of compositions of human skeleton and teeth, and is highly related to bone formation. For instance, Strontium facilitates both bone cellular differentiation and bone formation. Strontium could also improve bone metabolism, preventing bone loss and osteoporosis.
In addition, Strontium has something to do with the functions and structures of blood vessels. Strontium could help decreasing sodium resorption and prompting sodium excretion in human bodies. If accumulating overdose of sodium in bodies, diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases are easily triggered. Strontium has the function of prevention, and it is because that some isotopes of Strontium have radioactivity so that strontium plays an important role during the pain management.
Strontium is one of trace elements in human bodies, and strontium deficiency will lead to various kinds of adverse symptoms. In other words, all tissues inside human bodies contain strontium.

Exclusive ingredient of PROBONE – Strontium citrate

Strontium salt could efficiently improve the formation of osteoblast, inhibit osteoclast to help bone growth, and decrease bone loss.

In order to promote other functions and restorative benefits of PROBONE, we research on other formulations particularly, for instance, we innovate collagen and Soluble Corn Fiber (SCF), which is edible for vegetarians, both would efficiently strengthen the function of strontium, and supplement ossein at the same time.

-Type ll Collagen-

Collagen is one of the main compositions of human body. Soft tissue such as ligament and skin has a lot of collagens and other body tissues also have different type of collagens. Application of collagen in extraction sockets is to speed up the wound healing process, reducing the infection rates and uncomfortableness. If your wound is not too big, physical recovery situation is good, have normal clotting function and have no diabetes, cirrhosis or other diseases that will cause blood clotting disorder, after being informed by your doctor, you may decide whether to take collagen or not. Collagen and bone meal are often used in alveolar bone preservation. Collagen can improve the spreadability of bone meal and enhance the generation of alveolar bone.

-Soluble Corn Fiber (SCF)-

According to a research from America, SCF could help teenagers and elderly women’s skeleton gets stronger. SCF can accelerate osteogenesis for teenagers and reserve bone mass for elderly women.
Evidence shows that SCF has the same benefit of improving intestinal tract function with fiber food in cereals, vegetables, beans and fruits. Furthermore, SCF contributes to adjusting blood sugar and protect skeleton. SCF can supplement ossein and original cartilage hyperplasia, strengthen bone healing and consolidate alveolar recession.

PROBONE is especially designed for human skeleton. It could be applied on dentistry, orthopedics, arthritis, etc.