For people recovering from disease, YUHOME biological company aimed at deep research of strontium


Alzheimer’s disease

AD is one of the hardest curable diseases for now,The reasons caused AD by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary, or tau, tangles—that result in the loss of neurons and their connections. These and other changes affect a person’s ability to remember and think. Thus our company has developed “Curable Alzheimer’s food of special nutrients “ it would recover patient cognitive ability and reconnection of neurofibrillary let them back to their normal life.

Natural material

The advantages of this Curable Alzheimer’s food of special nutrients are using native compounds which in serval plants, having human toxicological reports, and a clear source of the material. At present, there is no medicine that will cure AD effectively but we are developing “ curable Alzheimer’s food of special nutrients “ in the near future, it will be used by doctor or patient! We are confident that after this product comes out, It will fight against this formidable enemy. As time went on, we are getting older this is going to benefit us.