We are pioneer dedicated to preventive medicine and postoperative restoration.

Before enjoying a beautiful life, you should have a healthy body. We believe that each person in the globe should live their life in a healthy way. Dietary food for special medical purpose is one of the manners helping people to prevent diseases and to recover from surgeries. This is exactly why we devote ourselves to providing innovative dietary food for special medical purpose.

Established in 2013, YUHOME is self-motivated to become one of the most innovative bio-medicine companies in the globe. Strontium citrate has been researched and developed for more than 160 years, we dedicate ourselves to develop and produce high-quality, safe and effective supplement for special medical purpose, which can be used for prevention of diseases and postoperative recovery, contributing to improve your quality of life. We use our professional knowledge in technology, improving people’s health and welfare in every stages of life.

As a company provides health care products, we are responsible for human’s health.
Taking the responsibility for global healthcare, we are active in cooperating with health care providers, medical workers, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations. We aim to provide healthcare service in every aspect, helping every sufferers reach to safe,effective and affordable medical resources.

Upholding the core of innovation, we invest a ton of resources in research and develop supplement for special medical purpose, which can greatly enhance human health.

YUHOME is currently focusing on the research and development of supplement for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
We do our best to ensure the standard of quality, safety and value, no matter in research and development, or manufacture.

YUHOME Biotechnology dedicates to researching and developing spectacular nutritional supplements. Every single product and raw ingredients are certificated by SGS and high testing standard, in order to maximize customers’ health benefits, and take care of each family thoroughly, enhancing their health quality. In addition to pursuing our corporate growth persistently, we also make effort to our duties and gives feedback to the society to fully embody excellent corporate citizenship. Thus, we also designate “corporate social responsibility criteria” to standardize our operating campaigns, executing thoroughly on the responsibilities such as corporate governance, sustainable development, social benefits, and enhancing information disclosure. At the same time, we hold our stakeholders in high esteem and comply with social ethics, to take business profit, eco-friendly environment and social feedback into account, contributing economic increase towards our nation and improve the living standard of our staff, communities and society.

YUHOME is not only focusing on staff training, but also providing a platform of high-flexibility and diversification for those who want to exert their talent. If you bear strong passion and motivation in Medical and Biotechnology industry, we are pleased to invite you join us, to create a promising future.

How to apply

Please upload your CV and resume on 104 job bank. If you are highly interested in YUHOME Biotechnology, you could also view job opportunities on our official webpage from the link and QR code below, and submit your application directly.

Preparation for Interview

  1. Please be punctual for the interview. If something comes up, please notice us in advance.
  2. Please check out the accurate time and place delicately before your interview.