Dental implants with bone grafting

Implantation is to implant into the alveolar bone with titanium alloy which is highly compatible with human tissue, as the original root of the tooth. After few months, the artificial root will tightly combine with the alveolar bone, and can bear the occlusal force, so that the denture crown could be implanted to recover occlusal function.


1. The upper jaw usually takes 6 months, and the lower jaw must wait at least 4 months for bone healing after oral implantation. At this time, the implant is not seen and is needed to wait for tight combination.

2. Surgery, bonding exposed artificial implants and pillars, wait for recovery

3. Taking the mold and making all kinds of dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Dental implants is not like traditional denture will damage the teeth around. It only needs to implant the artificial root in the edentulous root

2. Dental implants is not like removable partial denture which has to take off and clean it everyday, and also has a sign of muscular occlusal weakness.

3. The occlusal forces of dental implant are really close to the real teeth which could be seen as the third teeth from technology.

4. Dental implants maintains the height of bones, so that the bone will not atrophy and alveolar bone loss because of edentulous situation.



Corrective treatment plays an auxiliary role. It requires patients’ cooperation to achieve the ideal position for patching and periodontal needs.

The teeth are pulled in the direction of the occlusal surface before implanting. With the movement of the teeth, the bones will move and grow, thereby increasing the vertical height of the alveolar bone, and the fullness of the tooth. To make the dentures more stable after implantation.

If patients have periodontal disease, it can be controlled and take orthodontics by the treatment of periodontal disease specialist. With the orthodontic treatment, patients will have an ideal root parallelism and periodontal condition for implant. Thus, it can increase the stability of implants.