Human Musculoskeletal System is the activity system of human body. It is no doubt that the skeletal system can protect organs, promote metabolism and prop up the body, however, providing mobility for human body is one of the most important functions of the skeletal system. Hence, the core of skeletal care lies in maintaining flexible mobility and enough strength, and muscle generates motivity. Maintaining good muscle endurance is the goal of skeleton care.

Regardless of age, there are many important points in common:

Absorb moderation calcium and vitamin D3

  • A lot of research shows that diet with low calcium will increase the risk of hip fracture. Absorb enough calcium and vitamin D3 could decrease hip fracture and other fracture except vertebral fracture.
  • The physiological function of vitamin D3 includes calcium absorption, maintaining normal bone metabolism, muscle function, equilibration and avoid from falling.

Stay away from smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drink

  • Alcohol is one of the main reasons to cause diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases(CVD). If you drink over two units (about two bottles of beers, half bottle of red wines or four small cups of sorghum liquor) will affect osteoblast.
  • Smoking will cause bone diseases more easily.
  • Drinking coffee for a long time is also one of the dangerous factor to cause osteoporosis.

Build up exercise habit

  • Regular weight training and muscle strengthening can improve agility, muscle strength, posture and equilibration to decrease risks of falling and bone fracture
  • It is recommended for elders do some exercises such as brisk walking, Tai chi and gymnastics.

Normal diet and sufficient sunshine

  • Avoid over dieting.
  • Don’t eat too salty which including phosphorus and protein.
  • Supply hormone during menopause.
  • Avoid medicine which will increase absorbing calcium.
  • Keep the right concept to improve the balance of your body.
  • Get some sun about 15-30mins (depending on the sunbathing time, latitude and seasons) to promote synthesis of vitamin D.
  • Over avoiding sunshine will cause the deficiency of generating vitamin D which will cause osteoporosis and depression.

Nowadays, as aging speeds up, the population of middle-aged and elderly grows rapidly, and the rate of aging diseases and trauma increases as well. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis mentioned above have become common diseases on clinical trials, and this means these diseases pose a great threat to our daily life, even barely to walk while the situation is severe. Besides, bone diseases lead to lots of complications as well, imposing heavy burdens on patients. We hope everyone can well prevent potential diseases by building up good habit of health care, if necessarily, adequate supplements and moderate treatment would considerably ease the ailments to reduce the intake of needless medicine. Health care is worthy of being focused on and executed.

Illness is a normal phenomenon in later years, however, good habit of health care could prevent us from illness and improve body conditions even if diseases occur to us. Besides, we should avoid from wrong treatment that postpones our condition.

If we build up a good habit of health care, we could effectively keep our body conditions from ailments. Last but not least, maintaining good health care constantly would definitely benefit our entire life for good.