Five important points for skeletal health:

  1. Skeleton can effectively protect brain and organs of human body, therefore, if bone function is weak, it would also decrease in protection. In other words, skeletal health is significant for organs protection.
  2. The main function of skeleton is to prop up human body and posture. If skeletal health is threatened, it means that human body would also be greatly affected.
  3. Bones of human body contain bone marrow, which could promote hematopoiesis, thus, skeletal health plays an important role on maintaining hematopoietic function in human body.
  4. Bones could effectively store trace elements and minerals of human body, so if bone is not in good condition, it would be difficult to store trace elements and minerals in human body.
  5. Bones could also maintain physical performance of human beings, thus, skeletal health is also important for mobility of human beings.