Oral cavity is one of important organs in human body, and is also the first part of human digestive system. Oral care affects eating, swallowing, facial features, social activities, and even incidence rate of chronic diseases.

Oral problems will also danger living quality, such as chronic oral pain, which inclines to induce complications of poor nutrition, halitosis and verbal expression. More seriously, self-esteem would be hurt badly due to edentulous, drifting and staining condition.

Dental cleaning

Having right brushing concept and habit (removing plaque and dental calculus) is very important because plaque will begin to grow after eating in 3 minutes. Thus, brushing right after we eat is the best way or gargling is also helpful.


Grit your teeth and swelling your mouth like something inside. Making movement with cheeks and tongue several times, and swallowing slowly after your mouth full of saliva. Swelling and Gargling is to generate more saliva, improve digestion, clean your mouth and build up muscles around.


The main function of flossing is to clean the plaque in proximal teeth (which toothbrush can’t reach). Therefore, toothbrush and floss are complementary. After flossing, gargling and split out residue. Brushing your teeth and flossing after every meal in order to keep the oral hygiene, especially to clean up before going to bed.

Periodic inspection

Periodic Inspection is a very important part of oral care. Normally, we have to make an oral examination every 3 to 6 months. Periodic Inspection not only can start treatment early and prevent condition worsens, but also seek for health education from doctors to ensure your dental health.